The List: In The Stanley Cup Final, Giving Up 7 Is Never A Lucky Number

St. Louis Arena

When it comes to the Stanley Cup final, fishing seven pucks out of your net on one night is never recipe for success, whether it’s short-term or long-term success that you’re pursuing.

Playing their first home Stanley Cup final game on Saturday since May 5, 1970, the St. Louis Blues were hammered 7-2 by the Boston Bruins. The Blues are now 0-7 all-time at home in Stanley Cup final play and have been outscored 29-8.

Against the Bruins on home ice in the Cup final, St. Louis is 0-3, losing by 6-1, 6-2, and 7-2 counts.

You have to go all the way back to the 1980 final series between the New York Islanders and Philadelphia Flyers to find a team that gave up at least seven in one game and still won the Cup. The Isles lost Game 2 8-3 at Philly but rallied to win the series in six games.

To find a team that overcame such a setback on home ice to win the Cup, you need to take the wayback machine and emerge in the spring of 1973. In Game 5 of the final, a tilt that featured two Hall of Fame netminders in Chicago’s Tony Esposito and Montreal’s Ken Dryden, the Blackhawks outscored the Canadiens 8-7 at the Montreal Forum. But Montreal rebounded to win Game 6 and take the Cup.

Overall, NHL teams giving up seven goals in a Stanley Cup final game are 4-17-2 in terms of going on to win the Cup, so history is not on the side of the Blues.

Teams Surrendering Seven+ Goals Stanley Cup Final Game

Year Result
2011 Vancouver Canucks 1 at Boston Bruins 8
2010 Philadelphia Flyers 4 at Chicago Blackhawks 7
2000 Dallas Stars 3 at New Jersey Devils 7
1996 Florida Panthers 1 at Colorado Avalanche 8
1991 Pittsburgh Penguins 8 at Minnesota North Stars 0
1990 Edmonton Oilers 7 at Bosston Bruins 2
1984 New York Islanders 2 at Edmonton Oilers 7 (Game 4)
1984 New York Islanders 2 at Edmonton Oilers 7 (Game 3)
1981 New York Islanders 7 at Minnesota North Stars 5
1980 New York Islanders 3 at Philadelphia Flyers 8
1977 Boston Bruins 3 at Montreal Canadiens 7
1973 Chicago Blackhawks 8 at Montreal Canadiens 7 (Game 5)
1973 Montreal Canadiens 4 at Chicago Blackhawks 7 (Game 3)
1973 Chicago Blackhawks 3 at Montreal Canadiens 8 (Game 1)
1962 Chicago Blackhawks 4 at Toronto Maple Leafs 8
1955 Montreal Canadiens 1 at Detroit Red Wings 7
1953 Montreal Canadiens 7 at Boston Bruins 3
1948 Toronto Maple Leafs 7 at Detroit Red Wings 2
1942 Detroit Red Wings 3 at Toronto Maple Leafs 9
1936 Toronto Maple Leafs 4 at Detroit Red Wings 9
1919 Montreal Canadiens 0 at Seattle Metropolitans 7 (Game 1)*
1919 Montreal Canadiens 2 at Seattle Metropolitans 7 (Game 3)*
1917 Vancouver Millionaires 8 at Toronto Arenas 1

Stanley Cup champions in bold. *No winner. Series was canceled due to Spanish infleuenza outbreak.

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