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The NHL’s most unbreakable record. The best team that didn’t win a Stanley Cup. The greatest player to wear a specific sweater number. You’ve gone back and forth with friends and foes alike on these and other topics in bar rooms and man caves both near and far.

Now, thanks to HockeyDebates.com, you can make your case on any hockey topic without leaving the comfort of your own home. HockeyDebates.com is your one-stop shopping experience to discuss all things relating to the world’s fastest game.

Discussion will rage over a wide range of topics, big and small picture alike. Are the Toronto Maple Leafs legitimate Cup contenders? Should the Leafs name a captain sooner or later? Which are the real Edmonton Oilers: The team that missed the playoffs last spring, or the squad that reached the second round of post-season play the year before? Which of the NHL’s Canadian clubs is the closest to ending Canada’s Stanley Cup drought?

Best of all, you call the shots. We’re not here to give you our opinion. We merely pose the question. You make the debate. In fact, we value your opinion so much, the debater who makes the most salient point in each debate will win a prize. Got a hot topic you want discussed? Send it along. If we opt to use your question for a debate, you’ll also win a prize.

But HockeyDebates.com has so much more to offer . . .

Weird Hockey History

Think you know the history and lore of this great game? Well, we’re willing to wager that you’ve never heard some of these tales.

  • The guy who bought a ticket to an NHL game, and finished the night as the winning goalie
  • The coach who abandoned his team in the midst of a game
  • The NHLers who competed in the Summer Olympics

Periodically, we will offer up a sampling of these off-the-wall anecdotes. They may not be Hall of Fame worthy, but they are part of what makes this great game so fantastic. And when you share them with your friends, they’ll think you’ve got the sharpest hockey mind of anyone they know. Don’t worry – we’ll never reveal your source.

The List
Ever wonder who were the NHL’s oldest rookies? Which player scored the most playoff goals without winning a Stanley Cup? Who the all-time scoring leaders were for the California Golden Seals? Wonder no longer. The list, a regular feature of HockeyDebates.com, will answer these questions . . . and more.

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You’ve never seen a site like HockeyDebates.com, because there’s nothing like it out!